Bcoz Politics Is So Cool-It’s high time YOU got involved!

Let’s get straight to the point. “How is politics cool, leave alone ‘so cool’?” This is the question that I will try to answer today, a little from my personal experience, and little using examples from the current scenario in India.

Every aspect of YOUR life is controlled by politics!

I am sure all of YOU must have got that forward message which highlights how all our transactions are taxed one way or the other. It’s not only the taxes which are decided by the politicians. In a modern city like Bengaluru, the government can even restrict YOUR entertainment by limiting the number of hours that the discos can remain open. A politician with a single signature can decide how many cylinders of LPG YOU will receive in a year! His/her ideological leaning will determine whether YOU will get a better job prospect in your city or not (special reference to Kolkata). Forget all this; a politician can even decide what part of history YOU will learn in school. Okay, I know history is not a favourite subject of many, but what I am hinting at is that a time may come when YOU might just realize that whatever YOU read was just one side of the story.


Politics is knowledge!

Politics is corrupt. Politics is dirty. You have heard all of this. It may well be true, but what I discovered from my personal experience is that politics is knowledge. I started following politics in 2008 during the nuclear deal ‘jhamela’. I saw the debate on TV. I can’t say I learnt much listening to the politicians but yeah, I surely got an idea of what the deal was about! Tell me something, would YOU have learnt so much about FDI in Retail if there was no politics over it or for that matter, the Lokpal bill and corruption? I always say this: the one good thing about politicians is that they fight over everything and I literally mean everything! Be it a serious subject like Indo-Pak relations or as trivial a matter like a political cartoon, they are up in arms against each other. This ensures that these topics remain in news. And if it’s in the news, then you gotta know about it!

Lastly, why should the present politicians have all the fun?

I googled ‘incapable minister India’ and this is what I got (not exactly correct as some of them are not ministers):

incapable ministers india

Frankly speaking (Not with Arnab Goswami as it’s impossible, except if you are Rahul Gandhi), every time I see an incapable (unqualified, arrogant, and I can go on and on)  minister handling a sensitive or economically crucial ministry, I can’t help but think, how did he/she even become an MP, forget a minister? Isn’t there a more competent person to take his/her place? And then I remember this quote:

“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”
― PlatoThe Republic.

There are some who might ask people like us to join politics. I am not that naïve. Not everyone would like to join politics. YOU have work to do. But how about using the knowledge of what’s happening in the political scenario in order to take decisions in YOUR work? Isn’t that cool? Ask any investor in the stock market which political party is planning what, and they will tell you more than any journalist because it affects them. If YOU ignore politics, then YOU are ignoring politics. It’s as simple as that.

If YOU agree with all that I have said above, how can YOU ignore politics? However, if YOU don’t agree, just drop in a comment below. Your views are also knowledge!



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